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Follow the Golden Rules to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Posted by on Nov 12, 2017

You generally trust on your diet and intense workouts to build your muscle mass. You can do it, but if you continue with weight lifting or visiting a gym and spending hours there for six or more months, you put just six or bit more in your muscle mass. You feel that your outcome doesn’t meet your expectation and has no contrast with prolong efforts you made during six months. You continue with six more months, but it’s again six or bit more pounds like you added in the previous period. Okay, the progress is there, but you can’t defer it for more time and you think of faster way to gain muscle mass.

Follow the Golden Rules to Gain Muscle Mass Fast Uncategorized

How long it takes to build muscle mass?

You generally ask work out supplements, but there is no exact answer to this question. However, there are some golden rules that you can follow to speed up the process of muscle building. You should know that men build muscle quicker compared to women because men have more testosterone that helps to produce growth hormone but women’s body responds to workouts more quickly compare to men. The drawback is that women can’t do intense workouts. You should be consistent in your workouts if you want to speed up your muscle building. Frequency and intensity of workouts are the key factors for the best results. Diet is also no less important and it works well if you add 500 calories in the form of proteins. The results will start appearing after one month of variation in your fitness plan.

The results

This is not just a motivation, but a truth and it works well. If results are inspiring in the first month, then after six or twelve months, the results will be more encouraging. This is the realistic way to proceed with your workouts if you need to hasten the process of building your muscle mass.



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