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Myths about weight loss supplements

Posted by on Oct 5, 2017

Sometimes giving up food and working out whole day makes you weak and once you give on these you may have to suffer to obese once again. IF you diet plan and exercise routine is not working for you, then you have different supplements available in the market to perdre 10 kilos en 1 mois. It has become quite easy and but don’t expect that consuming it only will help. You will have to work word on it. But lots of people think that they are useless and waste of money. It’s just like if you exercise and still eat lots you will end up eating more than losing. Same thing applies for supplements as well. It is just like catalyst which can help you in losing wont shed all your kilos directly. You have to continue with your exercise and diet regime. Here are some of the other myths of weight loss supplements:

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  1. Supplements can give your quick result: There is nothing in the market that will give you quick results. You’ve to be patient when using it. Often quick results things affect your body badly and can lead to long term problems. But the ones which gives you results gradually are often long term ones.
  2. Supplements can have huge side effects: Not all supplements have side effects. Most of the natural based supplements are safe and don’t have adverse effects on your body. All these effects depend upon individuals’ tolerance level.
  3. Supplements suppress your appetite: Some supplements suggest that they can suppress your appetite and decrease your carving thus helping you to perdre 10 kilos en 1 mois. Though it has been suggested it has yet to be proved.
  4. All supplements are same: You just can walk into some store and pick any supplement for weight loss. You have to consult a dietician who will suggest one as per your body. Also read the ingredients properly.

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