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Features of Openbox V8S

Posted by on Jun 18, 2017


Openbox V8Sis the great value receiver with the PVR. It is the high value products and very muchpopular in the market. This version is popular for the better picture quality. For getting toyourfavorites you need to navigate through the mens and the picture quality is simply excellent. It isveryeasy to set up the box and the userbased menu system has number ofcustomized options on the box. It takes few minutes to set up and thenyou can enjoy the sound and picture quality of the box.

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Slots and inputs

You can have the USB slot and the external hard drive in order to record the channels. It also has the feature of the HD and HDMI viewing and the WIFI and LANoptionwork well. The controller of the box is very light and can beused easily. It is not with the heavy loads of the buttons and thus you can easily use the system. The start up time of this box is very fast. This box is the great replacement for the sky box. It is very small and easy to set up. Moreover, it can begiftedto someone. It has the ALI3511 solution and the dual core CPU is used into it. It supports the WEB TV and the USB, WIFI, etc.

The only bad part with the Openbox V8S is that it takes a lot of time in sorting the channel in proper order. If you have more than 1 box then it is simple to transfer the setting using the memory stick. The fast forwardingand fast recording features do not workproperly. It supports the electronic program guide and it has the manualand automaticscan option for the channels. The OSD is available in manylanguages.



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