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Top Dungeon Boss Tips and Cheats You Should Know

Posted by on Jun 16, 2017

Dungeon Boss is one of the cute action RPG game with a turn based battle system. It is easy to play game and you will enjoy beating a variety of monsters and exploring the dungeons on it. We all know that. Though it is has an easy game play with great heroes with special abilities, beating the dungeons is not that easy. In order to defeat the baddies in the game and to win more rewards, we have come up with dungeon boss cheats, tips and tricks. This will be a good guide for the beginners and help them overcome the obstacles in the game.

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Tips and Cheats for Dungeon Boss

  • Leveling up the party member tiers will lead to not only leveling up your abilities but also the attacks too. As you kill the villains in the each level and clear the stages, you can collect lots of coins as well as XP. Even by completing the daily quests and by claiming the rewards daily, you can get lots of characters and currency. By picking up the hero tokens you will be able to unlock new party members. Keep an eye on the types of enemies and select heroes as per that.
  • Next you need to attack or kill the Evo but these Evo creatures should ascend your hero or worriers. This will help the hero to learn new abilities. In order find out the worriers to complete the ascension, under the collection click on the character and choose ascend tab. In the battle, you need to defeat any of the Evo on the site before anyone does that.
  • During the battle, if necessary collect some buddies or friends for assisting you in the crucial situation.
  • Apart from fighting, you should also defend your own dungeon at any cost.
  • Make use of the XP Potions cleverly.

All these are the top dungeon boss cheats and tips that help one to defend enemies and collect rewards and more. So, make sure to follow these valuable tips and cheats when necessary.



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